The main goal in Rolfing is to improve health by bringing the body into proper alignment. Rolfing moves the body's major muscles - head, shoulders, arms, chest, pelvis, and legs - into a vertical alignment with gravity. The technique of Rolfing loosens straining fascia, the body's "organ of structure." Trauma or stress causes the fascia to become less flexible which makes it more difficult for the body to move the muscle. Rolfing restores the memory, movement, and flexibility of the muscle.

Rolfing is based on the idea that fascia - the fibrous layers covering muscles - stiffens, shortens, and loses its elasticity after prolonged poor posture and mental and emotional stress. Rolfing stretches and opens fascia to correct the habitual patterns of misalignment in the head, shoulders, abdomen, pelvis, and legs.

When a muscle is in unbalance, the body compensates for the unbalance by adjusting to the new setting. They begin to learn the new setting as normal and develop long-range effects.

The muscles memorize or learn the patterns and what their new purpose is suppose to be. If they are memorizing the wrong motion of muscles, then the body becomes unbalanced.

When one muscle gets injured, the rest of the body must compensate for the shortening of the fascia. The goal of Rolfing is to concentrate on loosening the shortened fascia and permitting the body's muscle to balance itself out. When everything is systematic, the muscles in the body are lifted up by gravity and align the segments in the body.

Rolfing lengthens the tissues in the muscle and coagulated tissues become loose and soft. This allows the tissue to become more limber and pliant. Then, the body feels the unbalance and compensates by re-aligning the body.

Conditions Treated

  • Poor posture
  • Muscle tension and pain, especially in the neck, upper back, and low back
  • Other conditions caused by poor posture

The goals of most types of massage focuses on relaxing individual muscles whereas Rolfing looks to realign and re-sculpt the entire body into a better working (and feeling) unit. The goals of Rolfing require clients to be actively involved during sessions by performing specific movements, noticing sensations, and lots of times getting off of the table to sit, stand, or walk.

Dr. Paul utilizes modified Rolfing with Chiropractic to bring the body into ideal posture in terms of biomechanism of the body.

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